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Laser Vein Therapy at Clarity:

Laser can be a very effective treatment of spider veins. A laser beam targets the unsightly vein. The energy causes the blood to coagulate and heats the walls of the vein causing it to seal itself off and collapse.  The blood that previously flowed through the vein is redirected to other healthy veins.

Who does Clarity recommend laser vein treatments for?

A person complaining of small broken capillaries, cherry angiomas or small spider veins found anywhere on the face or body.

What should you expect during your laser vein treatment at Clarity?

Kati Midgley, PA-C will thoroughly assess your complete vascular health. If your veins are deemed appropriate to be treated by a laser then your skin will be cleaned and prepped for the procedure. The laser's parameters are very precise and are able to treat all skin types with little risk of damaging the overlying skin. There are risks to every procedure, that's why Clarity's medical staff will thoroughly assess your veins and direct you towards the appropriate treatment modality.

Though there may be some discomfort, the laser contains a cooling device to minimize the soreness. This treatment is frequently used in conjunction with other treatment modalities, such as sclerotherapy, to achieve optimal results. Temporary bruising and darkening of the skin may result and will disappear in several days or weeks. It usually takes two to six weeks before a response is seen and it may take several months to see final results. More than one treatment is generally needed depending on the size of the vessels being treated.

Preparation and Aftercare of laser vein treatments at Clarity:

You will be asked to stop photosensitive medications, retinols or acid type medications/creams one week prior to your treatment. After your trewtment, you may be asked to apply a prescription topical medication to the area for about ten days. There is no need for compression after laser vein treatments.


Sclerotherapy at Clarity:

Sclerotherapy  is the gold standard in treating spider veins. The technique involves injecting an unsightly vein with an FDA approved chemical. This chemical causes the vessel to close up and disappear. This treatment is performed in the office and is typically painless. Clarity's Kati Midgley, PA-C has been teaching the art and science of sclerotherapy for six years.

Who does Clarity recommendeds scleotherapy for?

Any persons who suffer from spider veins and smaller varicose veins.

What should you expect during your sclerotherapy treatment at Clarity?

During your compimentary consultation, Kati Midgley PA-C will perform a complete medical evaluation of your veins. Kati will review to determine if sclerotherapy is medically appropriate. Once your evaluation process is completed, which may include a medical ultrasound or referral to a vascular specialist, the "sclerosing" agent is injected into the vein. The chemical causes inflammation in the walls of the vein, causing them to swell shut and stick together. Each vein can require several injections and veins generally disappear in weeks to months. Results may continue to improve for up to one year. When the needle is withdrawn, pressure is immediately applied to the area and the area is often massaged to distribute the solution. The procedure is usually painless, though you may experience a slight burning, itching or tingling sensation. Veins can require several injections and veins generally disappear within a few months. Most patients require multiple sessions in order to fully treat their spider veins. You will be asked to wear a compression garment for a few days to maximize your results.

Preparing for your appointment:

Although vein treatments a done year round, fall through early spring is considered "vein season." This time of year will allow time for you to heal and to cover up the compression stockings.

After your treatment:

Treatments are completely customized and can vary in length of time and number of necessary treatments.  Clarity asks that you remember to follow your post-procedure instructions as best as you can to get optimal results.