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Chosing the right injector

Kati MidgleyComment

How do you choose the right injector for your beautiful face?
What makes the difference between a great beauty procedure and a not-so-great one? Your injector of course! Do you know how good your injector is? I’ll tell you a secret—we’re not all the same!
At Clarity Medical Aesthetics, we work tirelessly not only to educate you, but to further our own education. I’ve gone through countless courses and certifications to become a true expert and injectable specialist.
Finding the right injectable specialist starts with asking some tough questions. I have come up with a few questions and will use my own knowledge as a comparison.
What is their education? You’re too beautiful to put yourself in the hands of anyone but a fully educated aesthetic professional. I’m a graduate of Quinnipiac University’s Physician Assistant program where I have served as a clinical instructor. I also hold a master’s degree in Health Science and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University. I have been a medical professional for twenty years. This is important because it is an example of the importance of education. I feel strongly that education is the foundation of a positive experience.
What are they certified in? I am certified in:
Dermal FillersBOTOX®/DysportCarboxitherapyAdvanced Skin CareSclerotherapyAmbulatory Phlembectomy/ Vascular Laser TherapyLaser ScienceDermatologic Skin EvaluationMesotherapy/ Lipodissolve
Another question to ask is how long have they been practicing? It’s hard to be an “expert” if you’ve only been doing injectables for two years.
I began working as a physician assistant in 2002. I have been in Aesthetic Medicine for 8 years and have been teaching aesthetic procedures for the last 7 of those 8 years. I have taught hundreds of medical professionals and am proud to be a sought after injectable specialist. I have been involved in founding two medical aesthetic centers prior to starting Clarity Medical Aesthetics.
How many of these specific treatments have the injector performed? Just because a med spa offers certain procedures, specifically advanced procedures such as Artefill, Sculptra or Juvederm Voluma,  it is important to find out how long the provider has been performing these procedures. I am a trainer for Sculptra Aesthetic, was one of 75 people nationally invited to attend the Artefill Professnal Summit in Las Vegas this May (2014) and was one of the first ten providers in CT to trial Juvederm Voluma.
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