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7 Benefits of BOTOX® That Will Change Your Mind

BotoxKati MidgleyComment

Over six million people use BOTOX® treatments each year, making it the number one choice in anti-wrinkle medical aesthetics treatments. The uses of BOTOX® can vary from lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles to reducing the debilitating pain caused by TMJ and migraines. 

If you are on the fence about whether or not BOTOX® is the right fit for you, here are seven benefits that will change your mind:

1. You’ll be in and out in no time. 
One of the biggest benefits of BOTOX® is that the procedure takes very little time. The procedure can take as little as fifteen minutes. In fact, many patients even schedule procedures over their lunch break!

2. No anesthetic needed. 
Unlike more invasive procedures, BOTOX® does not require a general or a topical anesthetic. At Clarity, we use the smallest needles on the market. You will barely feel a thing.

3. Effective pain management. 
If you’ve suffered from a migraine, you know how these headaches can stop your day entirely. BOTOX® has been proven effective to treat and actually prevent migraines from occurring. 

4. Your skin will look smooth, not frozen.
A common myth about BOTOX® is that it leaves your face frozen, making it easy to tell that you’ve had a procedure. Your medical aesthetics provider will discuss your overall goals. BOTOX® is a medication and it requires a certain dosage to achieve an effective result. Your skin will end up looking smoother and refreshed in just one session.

5. No need to worry about downtime. 
Unlike other more complicated medical aesthetics procedures, BOTOX® does not require recovery time. And you can even re-apply your makeup right after your procedure!

6. You’ll experience swift results.
Within just 3-10 days, you'll see the positive results of BOTOX®. That’s why it's a great solution before a big event where you want to look your best.

7. It won’t break the bank.
Another common misconception about BOTOX® is the worry that it will be too expensive. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable BOTOX® actually is.

If you're considering BOTOX® to fix your frown lines, crow’s feet, or other problem areas on your face, contact the team of medical aesthetics professionals at Clarity Medical Aesthetics today. We have performed thousands of BOTOX® procedures for a wide range of patients. Our experienced staff will sit down with you for a free consultation and answer all of your BOTOX® related questions. Don’t wait to start looking your best! Call us at (203) 903-1455 or fill out our form on the right to request your complimentary consultation.